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Vision therapy changes lives

A Journey from Burnout to Brilliance: Anna’s story

“When I went to see Smita, I was suffering with severe burn out. My vision was impacted, and I was having regular panic and anxiety attacks. I was struggling to work. It affected not only my professional life but my personal life. My local GP suggested medication but this didn’t help. Smita was so compassionate. She tested me and explained what was going on with my brain and nervous system. She provided me with simple but practical exercises to begin the process of regulating my nervous system. Within weeks, I was able to leave my house. Within a month, I was able to travel to the Lake District for a mini getaway. A year on, I have eradicated panic and anxiety from my life. Something I did not think I could do. I have set up my own business and travelled to the other side of the world. Smita provided me with life changing care and support. She is a holistic practitioner who gets to the root cause, and tailors her work to heal an individual. I don’t know where I would be now without her guidance” Anna

Transformational Change for dyslexia and ADHD: A Mothers Gratitude for Smita’s Vision therapy

“I bought my daughter to Smita a few months ago as she was diagnosed with dyslexia and suspected ADHD and over a short period of time, I have seen a massive improvement which has been transformational to our lives. Smita devised a personalised plan/vision therapy which my daughter applies daily. Smita has been amazing particularly in helping my daughter with her visual processing, she has also helped her in performing daily activities better as she has been able to focus and concentrate more which has been noted by her teachers. I have also noticed her being less clumsy so the therapy is helping her with her coordination skills. The vision therapy has been a huge benefit and I would highly recommend Smita’s work. We have been extremely happy with her work and what she has achieved with our daughter in a short space of time.”

A Lifelong Impact: Sophia’s journey with Smita’s Holistic Vision Therapy

“Sophia started seeing Smita when she was just under three years old. She was diagnosed with alternating accommodative esotropia. We have searched for the right vision therapist and Smita’s warm and caring approach was exactly what Sophia needed. She was immediately comfortable and cooperative. Smita is highly professional and uses holistic approach, she treats a whole person not just the vision. Eight years on and  Sophia is still her patient. Sophia has done extremely well in her vision therapy and not only her eye turn is almost not noticeable, she is also performing exceptionally well academically and in sport. We credit Smita’s holistic approach and care for Sophia’s success We will be forever thankful to Smita. She changed our little girl’s life. We were once worried Sophia will not be able to read and now, she will be soon starting at a very selective grammar school. I cannot put down in words how much this means to us.”

From Eye Turn to Top Runner: Jax’s Inspiring Vision Therapy Journey with Smita

“My son has been going to Smita and vision therapy for the last 2 years almost. In that time, the confidence and self-belief he has gained has been tremendous, through doing his daily eye exercises as well as practices that bring all of the senses together and working in unison with each other. His eye turn before starting Vision therapy was very noticeable, and after just a few sessions, the difference was unbelievable. He was taught to recognise when it was turning in and by relaxing and working on a practice using his vagus nerve, it would instantly straighten. This is something we still do daily after a long day at School, which can make his eye turn slightly. Jax has come such a long way with his reading, writing and comprehension skills since starting Vision therapy with Smita, he now works at greater depth in most subjects. Jax is also a very keen runner but often shying away from the Cross-Country runs, in the woods, due to no depth perception. Smita has worked extremely hard with Jax to help combat this, and the techniques to overcome his fears due to his eyes. He has now finished most of these races in the top 5, often the top 3. Not only has Smita worked wonders on Jax’s eyes, his senses and his confidence, Smita has become a friend. Jax and I look forward to his Vision therapy sessions and we are in the process of starting our 3rd lot of sessions, due to the success this is still bringing to his eyes and all-round wellbeing. Thank you Smita “ Liza.